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About XML Sitemap Generator

XML Sitemap Generator - GoogleBot Help Center

What is a Sitemap Generator? Search engine crawlers index the documents of your domain, which are not exempted by the robots.txt - but they have limitations: the spiders of Google, Bing and Yahoo dive only five levels deep and ignore everything else.

To help the search engine bots find their way to your domain, you can give them a map of your site: the sitemap. This "map" is not to be confused with the orientation guides for people in the way of a table of contents that were formerly common - it is specifically intended for search engine crawlers. Therefore, it is also written in pure XML and is not linked in a visible way. Usually it is not created manually, but is generated automatically by a Sitemap Generator.

This information contains a Sitemap

A sitemap contains information -

To the URL
To the date of the last update (in the format YYYY-MM-DD, possibly with time)
How many times the document is updated (values ​​can be "always", "hourly", "daily", "weekly", "monthly", "yearly" and "never"
How important it is for the Internet presence (in the form of a value from 0.0 to 1.0, the more important the document, the higher the value, the default value that the Sitemap Generator writes to the file is 0.5)
In a standardized, machine-readable XML format. An XML Sitemap can contain up to 50,000 URLs and can be up to 10MB in size. However, this restriction can be circumvented by splitting the map and pointing to the "sub-cards" in the main file. In this case, the main Sitemap can not be created with the Sitemap Generator. The information for the sub-cards can be written automatically by a Sitemap Generator.

This is done by a sitemap

If you want to crawl your domain on your own and do without a Sitemap Generator, the search engine bots may overlook important documents - for example, a new article in your shop or blog may be indexed much later. This is why a Sitemap Generator generates an orientation help for search engine crawlers. The Sitemap Generator provides an XML file, which not only presents crawlers to the above information, but also contains information about the structure of your web presence - so Sitemap is better suited to search engines.

This is how the XML Sitemap Generator helps you

Get the sitemap for your site at You can pass options such as the change date, change frequency, and priority to the Sitemap Generator, as well as the number of links that the Sitemap Generator should follow.

You place this file generated by the Sitemap Generator in the root directory of the site. In order for the search engines to find them, you can also link their XML sitemap to the robots.txt (a line with the link to the sitemap, which starts with "sitemap:", attached to the robots.txt) and / or in the Google Search Console. The use of a Sitemap Generator also means that typing errors are excluded and the markup is kept clean.

Modern Content Management Systems offer the possibility to integrate a Sitemap Generator in the form of a plug-in. This updates the file as soon as a new article has been created.


A Sitemap Generator is an indispensable tool for your SEO - it ensures that the right pages of your websites are indexed.