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Redirect Check - does your domain work with and without www?

What is a www redirect, and why should the check on the functionality of this redirect today be a routine measure when you create a website?

Most users today are so used to the fact that in a web address after the http: // a www. Comes that they all addresses with www. In the browser's address line. As a webmaster, you must therefore keep the site in such a way that both the entry with and without www lead to the goal, and also make a decision as to whether the address is preferred with or without www. In the browser's address line. The best way to do this is by using a 301 Redirect: All other inputs are redirected to the preferred address.

WWW Redirect and Duplicate Content

The check of the www Redirect is important for another reason: if the same content can be reached under two URLs, it is duplicate content. The search engine then attempts to define one of the copies as the original and to filter out the output identified as a "copy" from the search results. This can be sufficient if a document can be reached both at "http://www.example.com/" and "http://example.com". Since search engines mostly rate the document as the original, which they have first "seen", ie, which was indexed earlier, this does not have to be the document you see as "original". Under certain circumstances, a domain that contains a lot of duplicate content may even suffer visibility.

In order to avoid this duplicate content, you must therefore select an address - the URL with or without "www." - as "canonical". The other request should be redirected to the "canonical" address. In addition, it is recommended that you add a preferred domain preference to Google Search Console. This ensures that Google correctly recognizes the Redirect (not only in the duplicate content check), but displays the correct version in the search results And the correct version is indexed.

Technically, the redirect is usually implemented by a mod_rewrite rule that directs your Apache web server to redirect requests to the preferred domain. Compared to other methods of redirection, the 301 Redirect (HTTP status code "Permanently moved") is more favorable from the SEO perspective. The www Redirect is not the only place in webmaster life where a redirect (and checking its correct function) is useful and necessary. Other areas of use for a 301 Redirect are changes in the file hierarchy or domain moves. Also for these applications it is advisable to check your diversions after each change.

The solution: Redirect Check

A check of your www Redirect is thus an important SEO work step. It avoids confusion on the search engines and ensures reliable accessibility and usability of your website. But how do you find out if the Redirect is working properly? Our Redirect Check does this for you: Here you can find out whether the redirection works as it should or whether requests are not redirected, resulting in duplicate content. And of course, a check of the WWW Redirect is also recommended for the acquisition of backlinks. Because a page, whose redirect works perfectly, gives you more valuable links.