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Word Count - quickly and conveniently count words

Search engines love text: Without a natural-looking unique content, no project is to be brought to Google. For human users, sufficient explanatory text is a trust-forming signal; for some, for example, the deaf or people with visual impairment, it is even a prerequisite for them to use a website. How do you know the text is long enough? The measure for this is simple, namely the number of words. But how can one reliably count words? Today, no one needs to count "by hand" words as they did in the French coursework at school: statistics, which include, among other things, how many words the text contains are an integral part of every word processing program. But what if you do not have such a hand? Here the word counter from seotoolsearch.com helps. This allows them to quickly and reliably count the words that contain their text.

Words count for success on Google

In order for a page to get a good ranking on Google, it needs sufficient text alongside other SEO factors. Videos, images, audio files, and other media may be attractive to human users and provide them with the benefit they are looking for on the page - the search engine can only draw from text the information it needs to evaluate the page and at a particular Keyword query as relevant. For this, the text must not only contain the keywords you are asking, it must also be long enough. The search engine will probably not count the words, but at least 300 words is recommended as the order of magnitude. The longer the better!

Longcopy: The longer, the dear ... or not?

"But how long should a text be?" The plagued webmaster asks. The answer: Come on ...

From the SEO point of view, the answer is: the longer, the better. Because the longer the text is, the sooner it can contain the answer to the question of the search engine user - so (roughly) the logic of Google. According to studies by SEOMoz and serpIQ, texts with more than 1500 words can be ranked better in search engines than shorter texts - and is linked more often! In addition, it has been shown that longer texts achieve better conversion rates. When it comes to human visitors, the optimal length depends on many factors such as the target group, the dominant sources of visitors - in social media also short content can achieve good results - the industry, the target audience and the existing authority. Here, you may need to count fewer words than for a profound analytical blog post.

The fast word counter

But how do I know that my text is long enough? Nobody wants to count or guess words by hand. How full the page in the word processing program looks, is also no clue - 500 words fit in small font and with a small line spacing loosely on a page. Fortunately, every word processing program and even some text editors have a statistics function for the words that count the words.

If you do not have an Office program at hand, you may be writing in the backend of a content management system, the length of text in words is difficult to judge. However, even then you do not have to go back to error-prone and tiring words by hand. For these cases there is the word counter from seotoolsearch.com. Just insert the text into the box and with one click you will learn how many words your text contains - words count easily.