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A screenshot, also called a screen photo, is a recording of the screen. Screen snapshots are an important tool in web design, but also when creating software instructions or documenting software errors.

What is a screenshot?

With a screenshot you can see how websites look in different browsers, with different settings and different viewport sizes. Because on a well-equipped computer with a large screen, most pages look good - but are also on a monitor with lower resolution all controls where they should be and comfortable to use? The seamless handling of websites on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets via Responsive Design is another important topic. A screenshot can also help. In addition, it is recommended to place the most important content of web pages "above the fold", that is, on the part of the page that is immediately visible when you are called. This can also be checked with a creenshot.

Screenshot with operating system resources

On most operating systems, you can create a screenshot using the Print button, Alt + Print will only take a screenshot from the active window. In both cases, the recording ends up in the buffer. To save or edit it, it must be passed to a graphics program using the paste function (on most systems Ctrl + V, on the Mac Command + V)

Create a screenshot with graphics programs

Most modern image processing programs have a function for creating screen photos. This allows you to edit the resulting recording immediately. If, however, just a quick screenshot of one or two websites is made, this is often shot with cannons on sparrows and appears too cumbersome. Numerous programs created specifically to create a screenshot are trying to close this gap - on the one hand, they are much more light-footed than an adult graphic editor, on the other hand, they provide the most important functions to capture only a particular window or crop the image. If you work a lot with screen shots, then it is worthwhile Screenshot Tool

Why use an online tool for a screenshot? Such a tool to create a screenshot of web pages is handy when you are not working on the home computer and do not have the usual software on hand. It also allows you to create a screenshot if you only have a mobile phone or tablet and want to create a view from the regular web page. Another advantage of an online screenshot is: The screenshot takes only the contents of the browser window. You do not have to edit the image to make any private data unrecognizable. Who wants others to see in the screen photo, what other tabs you just left open, or that you worked late at night in the new blog design. With the online screenshot tool, you do not even have to call the desired website. You can download and save the created image immediately. To create your screenshot, simply enter the desired URL into the text field, enter the numbers and letters displayed in the CAPTCHA field and press "Send". To create a screenshot of any web page in seconds.