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Links count: The importance of link numbers for SEO

How many links go from a document can be an important SEO factor and decide whether it is attractive to acquire a link from a page or not - links are worth it here! "Linkschleudern", which have, for example, links in the three-digit area in the sidebar, pass on so little "linkpower" that links from them are practically nothing worth. Sites that do not put any links belong to either webmasters who have little idea of ​​the Internet (and no friends with websites), or they are not natural. In addition to the total number of links, the ratio of internal to external links must also be taken into account when counting links. A link profile that has significantly more external links than internal links is either not natural, or links do not belong to the strengths of the webmaster and he or she places indiscriminate links on anything that seems interesting. A neat site, which is deliberately selected with a deliberate linking policy, usually has much more internal than external references and puts external links on trustworthy, useful sources. If there is a reasonable number of links on good sites - ie those that offer visitors value to the visitors, represent authorities in their area and achieve good rankings in search engines - this may even be interpreted as a signal that a page itself is trustworthy . How many links a page should set depends, of course, on its nature: A blog or a new page will link more externally than a shop.

The internal linking must also be taken into account when counting links. If the documents of a web presence are linked by many links, this points to a technically high-quality, easily navigable presence. An abundance of internal links makes crawlers of Google, Bing and Yahoo easier to live, and makes the site better indexed. Of course, the placement of links and their eventual award with rel = "nofollow" is also significant. Even with internal linking, there can be "too much": Google gives as technical limit, how many links are usually crawled by Googlebot, about 100. If one can clearly count on more than 100 links on one page, this does not provide any advantage for indexing - on the contrary, it exposes the other linked pages of the risk, to be overlooked and thus only late in the Google index. Occasionally, even counting on their own presence links can help the search engines find their way. In summary: For a comprehensive assessment of a page, links alone do not count. But for the rapid assessment of the quality of a website, it is worth taking a look at the numbers first.

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 You can use in many ways, by hand or by browser plugin. The link counter helps you to quickly and reliably count links in any HTML document on the web - without you having to rely on discovering every link with the naked eye. You can query not only the home page, but also pages at the bottom of the hierarchy - so you can see how it is ordered with the specific page you are looking for.