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Query server status - a check for up to 100 domains

The best backlink uses little if the server is offline or takes too long to respond to queries. But how to get reliable information about whether a website is online or offline? Simply checking the page and seeing if it is available from your computer is not a reliable check. Sometimes web pages are unattainable to specific customers only, or only from certain geographic regions. Of course, you can also try to determine the response time and the server status by ping. Again, the quality and speed of your own connection can distort the check. So how do you know the status and the response time reliably and best for many Internet addresses at once, so that you can sort out the websites which are offline or too slow to respond after the check? The check of helps you. Simply enter the domains to be checked in the text field, enter the verification code below and click "submit".

Server reaction time as an SEO criterion

How fast the web server responds to the page load time - the page load time. This in turn is a ranking criterion! A check of the status and the response time can therefore provide interesting information for candidates for backlink acquisition. Also with the SEO Maintenance, it can be useful to take a look not only at their domains, but also to check the response times of the domains, which have backlinks, from time to time. The performance of a website is not only important for technical reasons. It is an important factor for a positive user experience. Everyone probably knows the frustration when a website is not responding quickly enough. Too long loading times may be noticeable in the conversion rate or the exit numbers - the user turns to other things with long response times or closes the tab unnerved. If the page reacts too slowly, it is worthwhile to thoroughly investigate the performance. Bottles can be on the side of the server (about too little available memory); In which case you should think about an upgrade or even a hosting change. However, a performance check often reveals that the software - such as the content management system or the database system - is not optimally configured and therefore reacts slowly. Sometimes it is already enough to purge the plugin selection of a WordPress blog to reduce the page's response time to an acceptable value. In addition to a fast-loading page, a variety of other technical measures, such as Gzip compression, graphics optimization, HTML / CSS-Minifying, and the omission of JavaScript, which hinders HTML loading. The cheapest HTTP status code that the check can output is 200, which means "found". All other HTTP status codes mean that the page is either no longer available under the original address, is moved, or is no longer online.

Check the server status - you'll find out

The server status check informs you about the HTTP status code a server returns, the response time in seconds and - most importantly - the status of the server (online or offline).