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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

If the content for the robots.txt file is created, copy this file to the root directory of the web page. In Google Webmaster Tools, you can also enter them immediately.

The handy generator for Robots.txt files

Whoever has always been looking for an SEO tool that helps the user to reach the robot is right with the Robots.txt generator. The useful tool provides first-class solutions in the field of search engine optimization. With this generator, instructions can be assembled quickly and easily. Each site needs such instructions that affect search engine spiders. Therefore the Robots.txt becomes an important tool in the SEO work and can no longer be considered a suitable tool. If you use the Robots.txt, you will benefit from numerous advantages over your competitors because not all pages use the Robots.txt file.

First-class SEO solution

In principle, Robots.txt is used to inform the crawlers as well as spiders of search engines which particular pages can not be spidered. However, to do this, the corresponding spiders need such a file to understand how the next action can look. To create such a file, use the handy tool. Now SEO is raised to a new level, because with this tool the creation of Robots.TXT files becomes a real children's game. Never before has it been so simple and time-saving to use the SEO tool to create the file for the web pages

This requires a Robots.txt

In a nutshell, the robots file is used to determine exactly which property a website receives. Is this available and accessible, or should the site tend to be blocked by the public? The Robots.txt file can be used to set this state. This file can also be used to lock or close individual directories or sections. With the SEO tool, the Robots.txt can be created and integrated in a few clicks.

This is how Spider works

Robots.txt is particularly important in the field of SEO. The search engines use so-called spiders to direct your digital sensors to the web pages on the web. The spiders recognize exactly where the individual links lead to a website. The Robots.txt is placed in the main directory and serves the "gripping arms" of the search engines as an orientation aid. With this tool, the file can be created even faster.