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Which pages does the domain share an IP?

In the so-called "shared hosting" several domains are located on one server (the same computer), thus sharing a network address. As a rule, this does not cause problems. If you want to test a domain, but it can be interesting, which websites have the same IP.

There are two reasons for checking which presences are still on the same IP as the domain to be tested:

1. Bad Neighborhood: If the same IP is also a page with questionable content (such as erotic content or gambling), this can "color" to any other domain under this IP. The phenomenon of bad neighborhood (literally "bad neighborhood") is roughly comparable to the phenomenon of roads with bad reputation in the offline world. Whoever lives between establishments with a bad reputation is not only reluctant to visit friends (unless they like to run in such questionable establishments), he can also get something of this bad reputation. And whoever can avoid it does not pull into such a road.

2. Technical equipment. If a large number of domains are located on a server, the technical resources such as memory or CPU capacity may become scarce as the presences have to share the resources of the server. The result: the response time of the server is increasing. Since the server response time in turn can contribute to a good ranking (or ruin it if it is too long), a shared hosting with too many projects on the same IP is a risk.

Websites with the same IP - a possible performance factor

However, not only does the number of websites on the same IP as the domain play a role: a popular shop, a successful web application, or an active forum with many users - or even a popular, highly frequented blog - require substantially more resources than a small one , Static HTML page, which is hardly ever visited. Whether a server in the shared hosting can still serve several such projects even if each domain receives many browser requests at the same time depends on the configuration of the server.

When acquiring or evaluating backlinks, however, it is particularly interesting to know how many domains are on the same IP, and whether there are risks to bad neighborhood. If a domain has many backlinks coming from the same IP, this can be an indication that these backlinks are not natural. Probably someone tries to increase the linkpopularity of a main project by links of so-called satellite pages, without taking care also to use different servers and hosting providers. This very easy-to-navigate type of link network is now even a risk for a penalty by Google. For the backlink acquisition, such a domain is rather unattractive and potentially dangerous.

On the same IP as your domain are these presences

Our test determines for you how many and which domains are on the same IP as your domain. This allows you to check whether the "neighbors" represent a risk to the ranking and the reputation of your domain and how many sites the domain shares itself.