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One of the most important factors why users leave a website prematurely is the loading time. Web sites that can be operated fluently can increase the amount of time spent on conversions, and on a website that responds quickly, surfing is simply more fun. To estimate how quickly a website is loaded and how quickly it reacts to inputs, your own home connection is unreliable. However, the size of a website is a more reliable indicator of how quickly the page can be transferred. But how can you quickly and reliably determine the size of a website? Here the seotoolsearch. com check helps to determine the website size.

In the age of mobile Internet with limited data volume, the page size (and thus also the size of a website) is more significant. Anyone with a small, slim website can serve users wherever they are, thus ensuring a substantial competitive advantage. At the same time, there has been a trend towards increasingly large websites in recent years. Responsible for this are high-resolution images, large and complex CSS files for responsive design, scripts for interactive elements and multimedia - that is achievements that represent a real comfort and no one can do without today. However, all these things suggest that the size of a website is determined. In order to create a balance between comfortable, modern websites and liquid operation, it is important to use these elements with their heads and, if possible, to design them with the smallest possible volume.

The size of a website is only the first step. The second step for the webmaster is to minimize the file size as much as possible. It is useful to use graphics compression and to reduce CSS files by minifying. Image files should be included in the correct size, rather than using the width and height attributes. Compressed file transfer (HTTP compression) can further reduce the volume of data transferred, thus shortening the loading time - GZIP is the proven and almost universally available standard.

Sometimes it is recommended to determine the size of a website, the result should not be more than 100kB - with modern design is hardly to be complied with. However, small savings in many areas can add up to a great profit in terms of performance.

Is there any reason beyond the better user experience to determine the size of a website as part of SEO? However, the size of the files to be transferred is a key factor in the load time of a website - the load time in turn is a ranking factor. The size of a website can therefore be an indication of whether the site is designed to be search-friendly or has a bad card at the loading time.

Determine the size of a website - the check

Theseotoolsearch. com check gives you the size of the website in bytes and kilobytes. The query determines page-specifically - so you can determine the size of a website for any subpage. This allows you to quickly determine the size of a website and estimate how fast it can be transmitted. In addition, it is recommended to check if the compression is activated with GZIP and is working effectively.