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Website Authority Check - measure the authority of a single page

The website authority is a value developed by moz.com, which predicts how well a page in the search results of Google is likely to be. As with the Domain Authority, it is represented by a value between 0 and 100 - the higher, the better. The scale is logarithmic, that is, increasing a value from 10 to 20 is much easier than lifting it from 70 to 75.

The value for the site authority is calculated by moz.com from the MozScape Webindex. To determine the algorithm for the site authority, a learning mathematical model is used. The calculation of the Website Authority includes a number of factors, including mozRank, mozTrust and the link profile of the website.

Unlike the Domain Authority, the Authority Check Web site measures the authority of a single page, that is, Not the domain itself, but the individual HTML document. This specific measurement can, for example, be useful when comparing how much different bases are distributed. A strong base can even exceed the domain authority in the site authority check, for example, when a single article of a blog is mentioned and linked by several other strong blogs. For the backlink acquisition, this means: The start page is not always the best placement for a link. A thematically well-fitting base of a page with high website authority can be even more meaningful for the SEO because it has a more natural effect.

The value for the site authority is global (that is, non-country or language-specific) and not keyword-specific - that makes its attractiveness. This means, however, that a website can be much better for individual keywords. A site authority check therefore offers only a rough orientation. If the site is as good as hoped for the desired keyword, it may have to be checked in addition to the site authority.

Because the website authority is looking at an abundance of SEO indicators, the best way to improve them is to improve these known SEO factors (such as the strength of the link profile). On the other hand, this makes the Website Authority a good tool to compare potential backlink sources. Especially for the first orientation the website Authority Check offers valuable information. Does it make any sense to specifically improve the site authority of a single page? This depends very much on the individual case: The Website Authority measures only the strength of a single bottom; Optimizations that help the whole domain are more useful in most cases. Only in a few cases can it be useful to optimize a page very selectively. It should be taken into account that not all SEO measures take effect immediately. Until a page is indexed, it may take a few days.

Website Authority Check - you'll find out

The seotoolsearch.com Web site Authority Check checks up to 20 URLs for you and gives you the Site Authority value. In this way, you can, for example, make a choice among the thematically appropriate subpages of a domain or even compare different documents from different domains.