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How do I find the IP address?

The IP address of a domain is easy to determine - a command line tool is sufficient, numerous browser plugins do the same. But what is the best way to get the IP address of your computer, which is visible to the outside, with which you appear on the net for other domains? In short: What is my IP address?

Unlike servers that deliver Internet pages, private computers usually have a so-called dynamic IP, which means that the IP address is always reassigned. This is also because of privacy and data protection, because the new IPv6 standard is technically not necessary as with its predecessor IPv4. So my IP address from yesterday does not have to be the same as the one with which my computer is now available in the network.

My IP - Unique addresses for computers on the network

The "IP" in "IP address" stands for "Internet protocol". How the IP is constructed differs according to whether it is an address according to the old IPv4 standard or the new IPv6 standard. How are these two models of addressing different?

The IP address is, according to the IPv4 protocol, a chain of four blocks of one to three digits each separated by a point (for example, - this IP always refers to localhost, ie its own computer).

According to the new IPv6 protocol, an IP address is composed of eight blocks each of four digits or letters from the range a-f. Actually, as in the old standard, a number is recorded here. However, in order for this to be handled by humans, it is recorded hexadecimal (in a payment system with the base 16).

IPv4 and IPv6: Global address shortage and the solution

Why did you think about a new standard for an IP address already in the nineties? In the first ten years of the Internet, it was already clear how important it would become and the 3.7 billion usable IPv4 standard addresses would not always be sufficient. The question of how to best use the available stock is tricky in a world where almost everything is connected to the Internet - and at the same time important. Meanwhile, the number of computers connected to the Internet has become so huge that the usable supply of addresses is running out. In addition, the practice of assigning an IP address has always been changed, so that quite a succession was created. How did you get out of the mess? A new system was developed. A new standard has been developed that increases the available address space by a factor of 7.9 * 10 ^ 28 (a number with 28 zeros): the IPv6 standard. This allows so many IP addresses that the stock is really inexhaustible.

You need your own IP address

How does my site appear for a web server? What Internet provider does my machine have access to the Internet? In addition to your IP address, our IP test determines the location according to the IP address (city), state, country, country code and internet service provider (ISP). If desired, our test can also determine the degree of latitude and latitude. This is important, for example, if you want to test location-specific services, such as the correct localization of Google Adwords campaigns. Localizing your network using your IP in Hamburg, while your actual location is Bremen, can distort your results.