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The MozRank: Fast key figures for domain authority

The MozRank is a popular measure of the link popularity of a domain - or in other words, it expresses how many and how strong links point to a page. The MozRank is determined by - until May 2013 under the name SEOmoz

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The MozRank measures how many and how strong links (from outside the domain) point to a page, and prints the determined authority in a value between 0 and 10. The higher the number, the higher the authority - an average website reaches a MozRank of about 3, while a value of 8 or 9 already has a domain with extremely high authority. The scale is logarithmic, that is, the distance between the higher values ​​is much greater than that between lower values. It is therefore much easier to increase the MozRank from 1 to 2, than to complete the step from 7 to 8. The MozRank is also global and static. This means that it is calculated worldwide - not specifically for a specific geographical region - and independent of specific search queries. Similar to PageRank, when calculating the MozRank, the "link juice" of a page is divided into all its outgoing links. That is, a link from a page that has only 30 outgoing links is worth ten times more than a link from a page that links 300 other pages with the same authority on both sides..

MozRank - the new PageRank?

Since Google has not published the PageRank, the importance of MozRank as a measure of the search engine relevance of a site has risen sharply. The similarities between the two algorithms are obvious - in its original form, the PageRank also included links pointing to a page, and again weighted them according to the PageRank of the linked pages. Is MozRank, however, the new PageRank? Some SEO are of this opinion. One thing is clear: Moz is not a search engine, so MozRank does not provide statistics on how a page actually works on Google. As an SEO indicator, MozRank is all the more valuable after eliminating the PR because it provides a similar evaluation of the link popularity. Unlike PageRank, it is updated more frequently - about every three to four weeks.

Other useful values: Domain Authority and Page Authority

In addition to MozRank, the MozRank Check also provides a value for the page authority and one for the domain authority, both of which are also determined by the open site explorer of The domain authority combines the MozRank, MozTrust, the total number of links, and the number of linked domains to a scale on a scale from 0 to 100 (the higher the value, the better). This scale is also logarithmic, which means: In order to further increase the value, more and stronger links are required. The Page Authority, on the other hand, measures this value for a single page instead of the entire domain.

All three values ​​together make it possible to track the authority and the probable success of sites either in their growth or to compare different domains with each other.