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Sell ​​links - which website is worth it?

Today, commercial projects rarely rely on natural link growth - even though Google's trading links tend to manipulate the search results, it is often indispensable for good rankings. To sell links is an attractive source of income for some webmasters. However, this is subject to certain risks.

Sell ​​links - you should know

Links without a nofollow attribute and without marking as advertising sell, violates the policies of Google. Therefore, the eleventh commandment is, "Thou shalt not be caught!"

Three precautions are recommended: Natural integration of paid links, thematic fit and the right measure. Natural integration means: paid links in the sidebar or in the footer are now a recipe for a quick abstraction by Google - today is a natural-looking inclusion in the article text without separate labeling often the only accepted placement for links. It follows that a link between the page on which the links are placed and the linked page is indispensable. A link to a sofa shop on a page on the subject of housing is set correctly, but links to the term "study credit" are rather out of place on a model railroad blog. Caution is especially recommended for links to erotic content, gambling or medication - selling links from this area may seem lucrative at first, but can seriously damage the reputation of the website, lead to penalties and deter other, more serious customers. And last but not least, it is recommended to keep the links to sell. Every paid link is a risk - as long as only a small percentage of the links are paid, the probability that Google will disclose them remains rather manageable.

Selling links is much more lucrative when the site that is being sold is, on its part, set up on a solid and clean SEO basis. This means: acting with links is better if you maintain the natural link growth of the domain, for example through interaction with bloggers (for example via comments and trackbacks), attractive content and a good technical setup.

What happens when Google tracks the sale of links? Then the page in the search engine results is much more far behind or not listed at all. Depending on the severity of the violation of the Google guidelines, there is also a complete exclusion from the Google Index.

Despite the risks, trade with links from the SEO business is unthinkable. In competitive industries, no good placement in the SERPs is possible without paid links. Choosing the right links and then putting them to the best effect is a high art whose rules are constantly changing; If you want to help the link growth for a demanding domain, the partnership with an experienced expert is worthwhile.

Sell ​​links at reasonable prices

If you want to take the risks of buying or selling links, you should also have an idea of ​​how much a link is worth. Our check will calculate the approximate price in US dollars for up to 100 URLs. These data can help you assess whether the risk of selling links is worthwhile, or if the seller's pricing is appropriate when you want to buy links.