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Keyword Tool - ideas for keywords at the touch of a button

With the growing up of the search engines and Internet users it has become rare that people google only after a keyword. The rule for search queries today is rather a combination of keywords. However, in which combination do users search for specific terms? What other expressions accompany "garage" - is "garage painting", "garage door" or "garage shelf" the most popular combination? And how do you get ideas for such combinations of keywords? A tool must be!

The right keywords - crucial for optimization!

Without using the right keywords, a meaningful onpage optimization is also possible with the best tool only limited. Keywords are central to the optimization of texts, content and links. Of course you would like to select the keywords, which on the one hand describe the content of the website correctly, but with which, on the other hand, actually is searched for the content offered. Choosing the right keyword has a big impact. It can be critical to the success or failure of SEM campaigns, such as Adwords. Matching keywords on the site and in the ad campaign is a quality criterion. The right tool is therefore needed when creating a website. The search for good keywords - with or without a tool - is not always without problems. This is, for example, the case with very new products requiring explanation, which are not yet generally known and customary. Some terms are ambiguous - "sun protection", for example, can refer to cosmetic products such as suncream or sunblocker as well as to garden furniture such as sunshades and awnings or furnishings such as blinds. In this case, a good search with an appropriate tool is all the more important. In most cases a clear keyword can be found with a good tool.

What makes a good tool?

The right keyword search tool not only generates ideas, a good tool also sorts the variations of keywords according to the frequency with which they are searched for. It may be that a keyword is searched for in different languages ​​in very different combinations or the search is different in the same language. Also with a tool for the search for keywords it is recommended to collect as many different ideas as possible and sometimes even seemingly wrong ideas. The autocomplete function of large search engines will be the first tool to find more keywords. However, other sources can also serve as a tool: Google Trends helps to compare the search frequency of different keywords and to detect seasonal fluctuations - some keywords are not searched in the winter, but intensified in the spring. And who thinks of a seemingly old-fashioned tool - the thesaurus? Also here you can find interesting synonyms. However, the environment of the product can also provide crucial ideas for verbs, adjectives, or nouns that can complement keywords.

The Keywords Tool

The Keywords tool helps you develop alternative keywords and keyword variations. Enter your first, as general as possible keyword into the input field, enter the CAPTCHA into the corresponding field and get up to 9 additional combinations of keywords that are searched for internationally.