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Does your text contain the keyword in the correct number? Or would the search engine mean your text is about something else than you think? This question is not always to be answered with a simple check if the keyword is often enough. The keyword density analysis therefore checks for you which terms occur on your domain with the highest density. This allows you to quickly see if your intended keyword is overridden by another.

Keyword density - a brief definition

What exactly is the famous keyword density? The definition is: Keyword density is the number of occurrences of the keyword divided by the total number of words in the text. It describes how much of the words in a text is exactly that word. The keyword density is expressed as a percentage

What keyword density should your text reach?

In the early years of search engines, the answer to the question "How often should my keyword be used?" Simple: The more often the keyword occurred, that is, the higher the keyword density, the more likely the search engine assumed the document was from that keyword. Webmasters simply stuffed their footers with repetitions of the keyword. Of course, Google responded to the so-called keyword stuffing, and since then, a too high keyword density as a spam signal. Meanwhile, there is no more the one percentage for the keyword density, which fits for any type of website. If you enter "keyword density" and "optimal" in a search engine, you get contradictory information. "Between 2 and 5%", some say, others set the best value between 3 and 7%. Other SEOs claim that the keyword density is now no longer relevant and the quality of the content is now everything; Some, however, consider the WDF * IDF algorithm to be the new measure of all things that will replace the keyword density.

If you take the data of SEOs on average, you can do a little bit wrong with a keyword density around 3-4%.

Put keywords in the right place - Is it enough if the text reaches a high keyword density? According to a common view, the keyword density alone does not matter: A keyword should also appear in the headings h1 and h2, in the title tag and in the meta description so that the search engine classifies it as the thematic focus of the page and as a relevant search term. For the optimal keyword density in these forms, one or at most two mentions are generally sufficient. More Naturalness: Use related terms - "Write natural content with added value for readers" has become a mantra of many SEOs in recent years. To repeat a keyword in the same form is rather tiring. For example, if my domain is for the keyword "cat toys", then I am aiming at a high keyword density for "cat toys", but I also mention subclaims such as catnip, fabric mouse, feedball etc. or one or the other keyword from the area Cat like Fressnapf or litter box. Also possible are synonyms - in my case, for example, "toys". For other keywords, it may be important to use them in declined forms or in the majority. The keyword density, which can reach a naturally written text, is thus limited - and that is good.