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About Google Cache Checker

Google Cache Check - how old is the copy on Google?

The term "cache" is generally used in IT to mean temporary storage mechanisms. These can ensure that data is available at all times, or that it is available more quickly without being recalled. The Google Cache saves snapshots of the sites that are included in the index on the Google servers; In this way, a page can be retrieved from the Google Cache when the site is offline. To see the version of a website in Google Cache, click on the small triangle next to the green link below the actual search result in the search engine results. A selection box with the options "In cache" and "Similar pages" appears. The top option allows you to view the version in Google Cache

This is why Google Cache is important

The Google Cache can close down small availability gaps on a Web site for technical users. Longer downtimes can not intercept Google Cache as much as bad performance. Also, the Google Snapshot's timeliness is important - it's possible that the copy on the Google server is out of date. When Googlebot visits the site between the time when a copy was made in Google Cache and the current request, it will keep the existing snapshot in the cache.

How often Google crawls a page from Google to track changes to Google Cache depends on how relevant Google holds the page. A very relevant page is visited more frequently by the crawler and thus possibly cached, but less relevant pages have to be tolerated longer by recording changes in Google Cache.

Interesting for the SEO is yet another function of the Google Cache: If one visits a version of a website stored in Google's cache, one also finds the option to display a plain-text version of the page in the cache. This version is interesting to see if the crawlers of Google and other search engines find the essential information quickly.

Can one influence how current the version is in GoogleCache? Not directly: such an update has only meaning if something has changed at your side. In this case, Google Webmaster Tools can request a new crawl or indexing of the website. In this case, a new copy is also stored in the cache.

Some pages - especially frequently updated, such as news pages - prevent the caching by meta attribute in the HTML code. Then our check shows "Not cached". This does not mean, however, that a backlink from such sites is inevitably bad - it is not available in GoogleCache.

Google Cache Check - is your site on Google "up to date"?

The Google Cache Check determines for up to 40 domains whether the website is stored in Google Cache and if so, when the last time a cache was created. This way, you'll see how up-to-date the Google Cache is and whether a page is cached frequently.