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this is revealed by the HTML code - The term "source code" refers to the HTML code of a web page, which is transferred via HTTP between computers and then displayed by the browser. Show the source code often reveals much more than is visible to the user - including HTML header information, javascript, and direct CSS formatting. The source code may also contain comments or so-called browser sofings, i. Code, which is only to be executed by certain browsers - a technique that is becoming obsolete with the increasing enforcement of standards and responsive design.

The source code and SEO

For search engine optimization, two aspects of source code are particularly interesting: First, the text-to-code ratio; secondly, a generally clean, standardized ("valid") and streamlined design of the HTML.

Text-to-code ratio means the ratio of the text displayed to the user to the entire source code of the website. The higher this percentage, the "slimmer" is likely to be the code of the site. The display of the source code allows to roughly estimate this key figure - however, only specialized tools are available. The text-to-code ratio is not always a reliable indicator of the ranking; Multimedialastige sides like Videoportale or picture galleries have usually no large text-to-code ratio. The same is true for many shops.

Valides HTML means that HTML is used according to the recommendations of the W3C. Browsers often do not display valid HTML - that a website (especially on the computer on which its source code was written) somehow does not mean that it also uses valid HTML. Valid HTML uses the elements so that they can be interpreted reliably by all browsers; It is also an important prerequisite for barrier-free web design. A simple example is the use of the alt tag for images. This description of the image content not only informs visually impaired users about the content of the picture and thus ensures that important information is not lost - it is also an opportunity to place relevant keywords in the content of the pages. Looking at the HTML code can be a very simple way to examine this aspect when mastering the basics of HTML. Otherwise, there are also tools for examining the code of a website for errors in HTML.

Furthermore, the source code often also contains references to the software used, such as the content management system, JavaScript libraries and the like. If you want to check a website for a search engine-friendly design, look at the meta tags in the HTML header: The correct use of attributes such as title and description, but also robots can certainly influence whether a page achieves good rankings. And last but not least, the source code is also a way to get rid of shady tricks - such as hidden links and hidden content.

Show source code - the tool

The tool allows to display the source code of each page. Show the source code helps to investigate any website with hidden functions, search engine-driven HTML, cheap code-to-text ratio and other aspects. With an analysis of the source code, you can track the causes of some performance problems and ensure that your website is not loaded with unnecessary code ballast.