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The right hosting for a domain

Sometimes it may be important to find out which internet service provider a domain is hosted. Hosting is not equal to hosting - there are many options on the market.

Domain hosting - important to know

The domain does not have to be purchased at the same provider as the webspace, although many hosters offer domain name and webspace in the package. If performance is not critical, it is sometimes even possible to manage more than one project in a webhosting package - the domain simply directs to the IP of the webspace and requests are directed to the right subdirectory. This type of domain hosting is very cheap, but carries risks in terms of performance and reliability as well as bad neighborhood.

Furthermore, there are different types of hosting: Most Internet sites are located in the so-called shared hosting together with other websites on a server. The advantage of this type of hosting is clearly the price; It is for one-digit euro amounts per month. On the disadvantage side is the limited freedom: Many server functions are restricted or not available for security reasons, and the installation of their own software or additional webserver modules is usually not possible. You also share the server's resources with other sites. This may affect the performance of the site.

The next level of exclusivity is the virtual server or vserver, sometimes referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server: here the customer's data is stored on a virtual machine. Physically, several of these virtual servers can be on the same computer, but each vServer has its own operating system. This solution provides more freedom for hosting. These options are useful, for example, if you need a special software for the domain or want to configure the web server itself.

As far as the risk for Bad Neighborhood is concerned, the vServer shares the risks of shared hosting. If a website on the server is spammed, for example, it may be that the other websites are also under the same reason, it is also important to know which domains are still under this IP on a website that is on a vServer.

These risks can be avoided with a dedicated server: Here, a host computer is available for hosting. In addition, as a rule, more resources are also available - hosting a domain on a dedicated server is particularly suitable for projects that place great demands on performance.

If you choose your own server for hosting (whether vServer or Dedicated Server), you should be aware that you are also responsible for the security and up-to-dateness of the software. You should therefore have the necessary specialist knowledge, or book a service with trustworthy experts. Many providers of domain hosting offer such service, which however also in the price book.

This is determined by the check

The domain hosting check determines the IP of a given domain and shows which web host it is hosted. It is not decisive which provider provides the domain, but on which server the website is actually located.