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Domain Authority Check - how much authority does the domain?

Website Authority can be an important advantage when it comes to acquiring backlinks. It is a measure of the trust a website enjoys. Domains with great authority are often old, subdivided into many sub-areas with many documents and are considered a trustworthy source for their specialty. Sites with extremely high authority often belong to established newspapers, universities or other institutions.

What is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority as value was developed by moz.com. The algorithm tries to estimate how good the website is likely to be on Google, using over 40 signals, and represents this estimate on a scale from 0 to 100. The higher the value, the better the potential ranking. The scale is logarithmic, that is, increasing the site authority is becoming more and more difficult, the higher the value already is - at the same time an increase but also a greater improvement. Raising the value of the site authority from 80 to 85 is much more difficult than lifting it from 10 to 20.

Website Authority is not keyword-specific. This makes them an attractive indicator of overall trustworthiness, but can be misleading at the same time - a page that has a rather modest website authority can still have excellent rankings, for example, for a particular niche keyword. Conversely, a domain with high website authority is likely to be on a secure foundation, as regards the overall SEO.

Unlike the Page Authority, Website Authority does not refer to a single document, but to an entire domain. The page authority of a particular page can be much higher than the site authority - in the case of the backlink acquisition, both values ​​should be considered in order to determine the most effective placement for a potential link.

Domain Authority

There is no shortcut to a high website authority. You have to work it out - but there are some known factors:

Domain age - the age alone is less a factor than with the years continuously cultivated and grown content as well as traffic.

Authority is "inheritable" - links from domains, which in turn have a high website authority, contribute to the authority of the linked website.

Information from trustworthy authors - The more authors with a good online reputation publish on the website articles, the higher the potential for authority. For the search engines, it is an indication of the author's authority, how often he is mentioned on the net (for example in blogposts, ebooks or social media contributions) and how often he is searched for him.

Backlinks in high diversity, number and quality, that is: a persistent and possibly organic link growth with links from different, but thematically related pages.

 ​Basically all reasonable SEO measures also influence the website authority of a domain positively. 

This is determined by the seotoolsearch.com Domain Authority Check

The seotoolsearch.com Domain Authority Check for you determines the website authority for up to 40 domains: Simply enter the domain names into the text box (one domain per line), enter the CAPTCHA into the corresponding field and click on "submit" - and you will get it The corresponding value for each domain.