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Reliable detection of the domain age

The age of a domain is considered an important indicator of its quality. However, it is not always possible to determine it by means of the content on a page - a domain can ultimately be owned by more than one person in the course of its life, it can be equipped with completely new content, it can have an existence as a mere construction site for years ...

How to determine the domain age?

The wayback machine sometimes provides information about the age of the domain, but this is also not reliable, since content can also be excluded from archiving with the noarchive tag, or the page may become clear after the creation of the Domain archived for the first time. A Whois query can be more reliable. But it's even easier: With the Domainalter check you determine the age of a domain, the date of the last update and the expiration date of the domain.

How important is the age of a domain?

Many a web user is aware of the phenomenon that a domain with an old age is still a poorly maintained existence, in which old documents are no longer reachable, dead links accumulate and some paths have been forgotten during transformations, so that internal links into the Empty lead. Several old domains are abandoned or sold somewhere. At best, however, an old presence can accumulate many documents on a topic, and the website has had time to attract many links and become an authority on its subject area. Age is therefore viewed by search engines as a factor for the authority of a domain. The longer a page in the www exists and is cultivated, the greater authority can enjoy it - Google grades it tendenziell as more trustworthy than a young domain. However, the trust bonus for old presences is not a very big factor. More important for a very young domain is a certain "maturity", which is about two to three months: It is assumed that a domain has not yet built up much content up to this age and therefore can not achieve even good rankings. For the SEO it is therefore often most important to determine whether the domain has already exceeded the age of two to three months. A domain does not mature with age like good cheese or wine; In order to build authority, it is central to provide it with good content, link the visitor, share it in social media, and bookmark it or bookmark it. Such content is characterized, for example, by appropriate length, but mainly by the fact that the questions that users lead to a page are answered well and in a sufficiently detailed manner. The length of your text is easy to find with our word counter!

Is the site maintained?

For the SEO is also important to know whether a domain is a "map" or eternal site site - or whether it is actively cultivated. Therefore, with the check next to the age, you also determine the date of the last update of the domain. Because SEO is a domain that has been stable for many years and has constantly been expanded with new content, it is more valuable than one that has had very little or no content and has often changed hands.