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In SEO circles a backlink from DMOZ is almost as a holy grail. An entry in the DMOZ is, so to speak, the knighthood for a website. But what is the DMOZ actually, and what makes an entry there so valuable?

What is the DMOZ?

The DMOZ - short for "Directory Mozilla" - comes from times when web catalogs were used for orientation: It was founded in 1998. Meanwhile the DMOZ is also known as Open Directory Project. Web catalogs were rather meaningless with the rise of the search engines, but they still lasted a few years as an SEO link generation, before they were completely out of fashion in the course of Google's fight against Linkspam. Often everyone could enter their site, and many non-edited web catalogs were full of spam sites, so the risk of Bad Neighborhood increased with each entry.

Not so DMOZ. The project was cultivated from the outset by an honorary editorial team - "Humans Do It Better", people can do it better, is the motto on the home page. The strict editorial office ensures that the aforementioned bad neighborhood is not created in the DMOZ and that only pages which are considered useful by the editors are accepted. Pages are not only linked to a title, but also contain a description of the content. The DMOZ, like Wikipedia, has a philanthropic attitude. DMOZ would particularly like to appeal to such people as editors who want to keep the Internet free of charge and accessible to all people, free from unilateral or distorted information and unnecessary noise (so - meaningful - DMOZ on his page "How to become editor").

From Google's point of view, a backlink from DMOZ is no stronger or weaker than any other backlink from a comparable strong side - but DMOZ is a domain with a very good ranking and high trust. The DMOZ backlink can therefore mean a correct ranking boost for a page. For Google, the DMOZ is also important for a different reason: If the content of a page is not accessible to the Google crawler, for example, because the robots.txt or a nofollow attribute block it, the bot can get the information from the DMOZ Instead of the Meta Description to describe the page.

How do I get an entry in the DMOZ?

Apart from being an editor in the DMOZ (and the confidence of the co-editors to develop), there is also the possibility to suggest a page for the recording. In addition to the selection of the right category, an accurate and convincing description is to be given. Processing the entry request in the DMOZ can take several months. If the entry was rejected, you should wait a few months before reviewing your original category number and re-submitting the page with a new description.

Is the DMOZ entry a holy grail of SEO?

As mentioned above, a link from DMOZ provides a very strong and valuable backlink, but no indispensable to reach a strong position on Google. If it is possible, for example, to obtain a link from an established daily newspaper or other media institution, this should be of comparable value. With the DMOZ Backlink Check you quickly check up to 100 domains at once on these valuable backlinks - this makes the identification of valuable domains easier.