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Class C IP Check - How many different IPs are your backlinks coming from?

The concept of network classes - that is, the division of the entire IP address space into hierarchically ordered networks - has basically been obsolete since 1993 and has been replaced by Classless Inter-Domain Routing. For search engine optimization, network classes are nevertheless important, in the IP check of domains - "Class C IP" is the magic word. This check is especially important when evaluating backlinks - it is an important indicator of their naturalness.

Backlinks from many different domains are nice, but what if the domains are all on the same IP? An IP Check reveals a lot here. But even if only the last block of the IP is different, the IPs of the domains are still too similar to be natural.

IPv4 addresses, as determined by an IP check, consist of four blocks, each with three digits. "Class C IP" means the three first blocks - they are the same, the addresses are in the same network area, and it is assumed that they have something to do with each other, for example, by being at the same host. In this way, attempts were made earlier to artificially breed a network that simulates a high link popularity. That is why Google uses an IP Check in the evaluation of backlinks.

The so-called Class C popularity is an important indicator, which provides information about the diversity of the backlinks and can serve as a reference point for their (at least apparent) naturalness. In other words, when the IP Check shows that almost all domains in the list come from only a few Class C networks, the search engine can point to the fact that someone is trying to help with satellite pages of its linkpopularity. A domain that has a high number of incoming links, but in the Class C IP check, but only a small diversity is not a particularly attractive source for backlinks. At least, the conscientious SEO would like to check it in more detail with an IP check before the backlink acquisition, in order to as far as possible exclude the domain also increases in other dubious ways their rankings and thus a risk for penalties - which in case of doubt an expensive backlink Worthless.

The Class C IP and any IP Check based on it still work with standards of the IPv4 time. An exact correspondence of the Class C in IPv6 has not crystallized - so far only a few websites are accessible via IPv6, almost all websites are still accessible via an IPv4 address. An IP check will therefore remain a useful tool for measuring the backlink diversity of a domain.

This is determined by the Class C IP Check

The Class C IP Check determines the IP and the Class C IP for up to 40 domains. With this IP check, you can see which domains can be allocated to the same networks. Of course the IP popularity is only one indication among many, and a certain number of similar Class C entries is natural - but if there are only a few different Class C IPs among many backlinks, it is probably not with the naturalness of the backlinks So far away.