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Backlink Check - Free Check Backlink Count

The backlink count is an important measure of the relevance of a page. Google has done a lot of effort in the past few years to counteract this manipulation, on the other hand, the relevance of links increasingly fine-tuning. Nevertheless, the rule of thumb still applies: the more links pointing to a page, the more important it is. The Backlink Check gives you a quick overview of how many backlinks has a URL according to Alexa, Google and Bing. With the Backlink Check, you can quickly and easily estimate where a domain is located.

Backlink Check - is the link worth a page?

The backlink check is especially valuable if you want to decide whether it is worthwhile to acquire a backlink from a certain page - because their backlinks are again an important factor for the SEO success of a project.

This makes a good backlink

What was going on ten years ago - simply to buy backlinks on the backlink, to rent, to exchange, or even to create links from all their own pages, no matter how the quality of these pages looked, is now a recipe for an abstraction. At least the probability of achieving good search engine rankings is now rather low. Beyond the pure backlink check, it is worth taking a look at these quality factors:

Links from the editorial content: Previously, links from the sidebar were widely used - nowadays they are almost frowned upon because a non-organic backlink can be quickly identified as such. That is why today, the link to the king is the link building of the link out of the editorial content. Whether a link is in this valuable place, the Backlink Check does not recognize.

Topic relevance: Whether or not a page is relevant to a particular keyword depends very much on whether a backlink comes from a page that is too important for the topic. The relevance of the topics is difficult to recognize with an automated check, it should always be judged by people in the backlink acquisition.

Age and authority of the domain: A young domain usually does not provide much link power. The backlink that SEOs want is preferable to come from an older domain. But also here is a natural mixture. More important is the authority of a page, which is very difficult to measure in the backlink check. The age of a domain can tell you the Domainalter Check!

And last but not least the number of backlinks: quality criteria back and forth: the number of backlinks is still a very important factor. A single, isolated backlink from a "strong" page will always look unnatural - if it is not accompanied by many links from younger and / or less well-linked pages. In turn, many "small" sides can bring together considerable "linkpower". Our backlink check provides the backlink number from different sources quickly and easily.

A regular check of your backlinks as an important part of the SEO mix

If you want to bring your project to the front in search engines, link growth is a key factor - and the backlink check is important. Every backlink changes over time, links are removed, projects go offline or suffer visibility losses - a regular backlink check is therefore a sensible part of the SEO monitoring. This check ensures that you can synchronize your linkbuilding measures in a timely manner to a changed backlink landscape

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