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More security for your website Computer viruses are and remain one of the sneaky threats that make surfing the web risky. An antivirus software such as AVG Antivirus has now almost everyone installed on his computer at home or in the office. But how does it look with antivirus software for websites? AVG offers the AVG Antivirus Check.

AVG Antivirus and the Google Malware Check

Why the AVG Antivirus Check, if there is the Google Malware Check? On the one hand, anti-virus protection is the motto "double-sewn holds better". The AVG antivirus software alone does not provide 100% protection - but the checks of Google and AVG together can provide more security than an antivirus check alone.

On the other hand, Google daily scans the web index; But with the AVG antivirus test of AVG they perform an antivirus scan in real time. To detect a threat with AVG Antivirus before Google finds it. Once Google has identified a site as potentially harmful, it may take time and a lot of work to compensate for the damage - the time when profit is lost and the reputation of the site is damaged. Therefore, regular antivirus security scans with AVG antivirus are worth it. Because Google scans only indexed pages with the Google Malware Tool's anti-virus scan, viruses can still hide on non-indexed pages, such as newly created or excluded pages. The free AVG antivirus tool from AVG closes this gap.

Of course, the AVG Antivirus Check is not only useful on your own website. Also in the backlink acquisition, AVG Antivirus can help to go safely. A virus-infected site will be banned sooner or later by Google from the index, the backlink is thus worthless. When setting links, AVG Antivirus helps to protect your visitors from harm.

If the AVG Antivirus software detects malicious code, it means acting fast. First, the infection must be located and removed using an antivirus tool. If the Google Malware Check has already identified the site as an attacking site, immediate damage limitation is not only required with antivirus tools, but massive ranking losses are threatened. If the acute damage is remedied, it is important to find out how the virus was infected and how this can be prevented in the future - the use of the AVG antivirus tool is an indispensable building block.

AVG Antivirus is a component in a comprehensive security concept. In order to secure a website against infestation with malicious code, it is recommended to use antivirus software to ensure that all components - web servers, databases, used software such as content management systems - are up-to-date. Especially if weak spots are discovered, attention and quick updates are worthwhile. Features that involve risks or vulnerabilities should be used with caution. Because it should be clear: An antivirus scan with AVG antivirus can not prevent attack. He can only discover the infestation. So it's better not to rely on AVG, but rather offer hackers from the front as little as possible.

This is determined by the AVG Antivirus Check

The AVG Antivirus Check scans your site with the latest anti-virus software from AVG for malicious programs. If the antivirus check detects malicious software, the result is "Potentially malicious Web site". If no virus is found, SafeSite is displayed.