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Alexa Rank Check - that's what the Alexa Rank says about your site

The Alexa Rank is a measure of the popularity of a website - regardless of the position on Google. It provides information about the number of visitors compared to the most popular, ie most visited websites on the Internet. Alexa was founded in 1996. The service is designed as a kind of guidance on the Internet, which also made suggestions on which links could be interesting to a topic. A toolbar, which collects data on which websites are visited with the relevant browser, is used for this purpose. The Alexa Rank determines a million most visited domains from the number of visitors. The rating of these domains is displayed on a scale from 0 to 50000 - the lower the number, the higher the rating, thus the Alexa Rank. Although the Alexa Rank is not representative, it is still an important measure for the popularity of a domain and its traffic. While access numbers can be accurately measured on your own website using Web Analytics, you have to rely on the Alexa Rank as a measure for the number of visitors.

How good is the Alexa Rank?

Whether you want to estimate how popular a page of your competition is, or whether it's worth buying a backlink from a particular site, the Alexa Rank allows you to find an orientation where the site is proportionate to the most popular and Most visited websites on the Internet. This means that you do not only have to rely on the mediadata or the details of a website operator if you want to book advertising on a page, but can critically question this information using the Alexa Rank

How to improve your ranking

The honest way to improve the Alexa Rank is to attract visitors. Content with added value, marketed by many channels, is the recipe of choice - of course, successful search engine optimization is reflected in the number of visitors. Of course, you can also try to increase the Alexa Rank artificially by automatically generating visits from as many different IPs as possible. You could even make all of your friends, family members, and family members choose the desired page as the start page and install the Alexa Toolbar - but the question is whether the effort is worthwhile for this one metric among many.

Alexa Rank Check - where is your website?

The Alexa Rank Check from not only tells you the global Alexa Rank (Global Rank), but also the regional rank in Germany, which means the popularity of a page on the German-speaking internet. In addition, the Alexa Rank Check also provides Alexa's backlink numbers. As mentioned above, the Alexa Rank is not too strong for the German language area. However, as a rough guide and for evaluating links, such a check can provide valuable information and - in conjunction with other SEO indicators - facilitate the assessment of a foreign domain.